Monday, April 21, 2014

Kentucky Daffodil Road Trip

This year we had the opportunity to visit with Tim and Heather Brown, in Wickliffe, KY at their 343 acres of property in 3 tracts on land. Daffodils and other horticultural plants have been planted on all 3 tracts. Most of the daffodils are located on the farm, where Tim and Heather reside, but a decent amount of daffodils are also planted on a second tract close by. Their 3rd tract of land was acquired 2 years ago.

Daffodil plantings are small by comparison, as his property has been mostly landscaped for the use of deer and turkey. In general Tim has planted loads of trees and shrubs for wildlife, including ornamental, as wells as fruit and nut production.

There are 7 fishing ponds on the property along with 4 more ponds, mostly for minnow production. The Brown’s started planting daffodils in the fall of 1999, and stopped counting them once they hit 30,000.  They estimate approximately 650 different varieties are planted on the property. 

We really appreciate that the Brown's took the time to show us around their carefully planted property that is full of amazing horticultural wonder.


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