Thursday, May 16, 2019

New Miniature and Standard Daffodils

'Shaws Legacy' Daffodil
Join us on July 21, 2019 when our good friend Larry Force tells us about his experiences hybridizing new miniature and standard daffodils!

GSLDS members know Larry from his interest in the Shaw Nature Reserve Poeticus daffodils and he has also been on several Daffodil Digs with us. Larry is a nationally known speaker and grows his miniature and standard daffodils at his home in Mississippi. He has won many ADS ribbons around the country through the years, but is always trying to do better with each entry.

In his presentation Larry will expand on his talk given during the 2016 World Daffodil Convention. His presentation will focus on the miniature and standard daffodils that have evolved from his hybridizing efforts, as well as a few photos of his seedlings and daffodil bed preparation.

Be sure to mark your calendars and invite your friends. Larry is never boring and has learned through trial and error the things that all of us as daffodil growers should learn before making them ourselves.

Larry Force presenting placque at Shaw Nature Reserve
Biography for Larry Force
July 2019 Speaker

Larry has had a long time interest in horticulture that covers gardening annuals, perennials, hostas, lilies, native trees and wildflowers. He grows a number of host and nectar plants for native butterflies, nectar producing plants, as well as providing feeders for the hummingbirds in the summer.

Larry became more interested in daffodils after attending a program at the Memphis Horticulture Society given by Brent Heath. He joined the American Daffodil Society soon after and began to grow more daffodils. His interest in miniature daffodils grew through an acquaintance with Martha Anderson, a long time grower and exhibitor of miniatures. Larry began hybridizing in 2000 because few new and different miniatures were available from commercial sources. Larry also does intermediate, standard, and poet daffodil hybridizing.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are thrilled that Larry has found time in his schedule to help us learn from his experiences while hybridizing and growing daffodils.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Orchids: Lore and Legend

Orchids are one of the largest families of plant families comprising over 30,000 species found from the equator to both poles. Tales of the magic and beauty of orchids have found their way through history from Confucius through Greek and Roman mythology. Wealthy Europeans from the 17th through 19th centuries paid fortunes for exotic tropical specimens.

Join us on February 24, at 1:30pm, when Carol Gravens, Advanced Level Master Gardener, will address the role that Orchids have played in history and the beauty they have brought us for centuries.

Biography for Carol Gravens
February 2019 Speaker

Carol Gravens will be our February 2019 guest speaker and will give a program entitled Orchids: Lore and Legend.

Carol Gravens gives talks and teaches classes on orchids to various groups in the community and at the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of the Master Gardener Speakers' Bureau. She volunteers one day a week in the orchid greenhouses at the Garden and grows orchids at her home in Glendale, Missouri. She also is a Kemper Center Plant Doctor volunteer. She loves everything about horticulture and has a passion for orchids.

Ms. Gravens, retired from a professional career as a microbiologist, and is currently an Advanced Level St. Louis Master Gardener. She became a Master Naturalist in 2007 and has an AAS in Horticulture from St Louis Community College, Meramec.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Memories from Oregon and New Iris Introductions

'Judy Smiles' Iris
Join us on July 15 at 1:30pm, when our good friend Bob Skaggs tells us about his memories from the 2018 National Iris Convention held in Oregon and photos of new Iris introductions in his garden!

In his presentation Bob will show us the exciting Sights and Iris he encountered at the 2018 National Iris Convention in Oregon. He will also focus on the new iris introductions currently growing in his garden and the direction for his hybridizing program.

There will be plenty of time for questions and answers so be sure to mark your calendars and invite your friends. Bob always has wonderful photos and delivers tremendous presentations. We are delighted to see what he is working on and what is on the horizon for his Iris.

Bob & Judy Skaggs grow over 600 varieties of daffodils, but Bob’s true passion are irises. Bob has been hybridizing iris for 12 years. In their garden they presently grow 1,300 named iris varieties, and plant over 3,000 iris seedlings each year from their own hybridizing efforts. Bob has currently introduced 3 Iris cultivars, ‘Marilyn’s Skirt’, ‘Golden Snitches’ and ‘Judy’s Smile’.

Bob has generously donated his new iris introductions to our annual Daffodil Bulb Exchange auction, and they have been highly sought after by our membership. Bob & Judy’s garden was on the 2015 Iris Region 18 Convention tour and Bob grew over 100 guest plants for that event from hybridizers throughout the states. Bob and Judy grow approximately 1,000 named daylilies and also hybridizes daylilies.

Members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society are thrilled that Bob has found time for a presentation about his memories from the 2018 National Iris Convention held in Oregon and photos of new iris introductions from his garden.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Enriching the Gerald Community with Daffodils

On March 03, 2018 the MoDOT Growing Together project update took place just outside the community of Gerald, MO where we continue to plant daffodil bulbs along the highway’s right-of-way.  Our long-range goal is to fully plant the right-of-way to greet travelers with drifts of spring-flowering daffodils as they enter the community of Gerald.

The daffodil bulbs were donated by Dr. John Reed of Oakwood Daffodils of Niles, MI and the Greater St.Louis Daffodil Society.   Sponsors and support came from the Gasconade County Master Gardeners, the Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society, and Gerald’s Boy Scout troop.

In total, nine energetic volunteers planted the bulbs on a bright and sunny day, which made for a pleasant event.

The Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society’s by-laws require community outreach, and this project provided a perfect opportunity.  The Gasconade Master Gardeners, also have a yearly requirement for community outreach; those attending were able to earn some quality service hours for their effort.

Be sure to visit the site this spring, to see all of the color, and each spring thereafter.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Bees - Natural Pollination

Insect pollinators are needed for the reproduction of many flowering plants and one third of human food crops. Bees are just one of the many animal pollinators found in nature, but they play in important role. Each of us depends on pollinators in a practical way to provide us with the wide range of foods we eat.

Pollinators are part of the intricate web that supports the biological diversity in natural ecosystems that helps sustain our quality of life. Abundant and healthy populations of pollinators can improve fruit set and quality, and increase fruit size. In the wild, biodiversity increases and wildlife food sources increase.

Join members of the Greater St Louis Daffodil Society on February 25, at 1:30pm, when Peter McAdams will address the important role that Bees play in nature, and how you can attract bees to the flowering plants in your garden.

Peter and Jan McAdams have been Beekeeper's for a number of years and are the owners of McAdams Apiary, located in Brighton, IL. Their bees produce, and they sell local honey bottled or comb. They build and sell many styles and sizes of Observation Bee Hives, and regular hives assembled with or without bees. They are also a nationally known Apitherapy location using honey bee products and Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).

During Spring visit the McAdam's Daffodil Farm, an American Daffodil Society Display Garden, to view the thousands of daffodils throughout their property. In Summer, they specialize in vine ripened home grown tomatoes, sweet peppers, and many varities of hot peppers. They are known for the many varieties that they grow.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Join us at the 2016 World Daffodil Convention!

The Greater St Louis Daffodil Society extends an invitation for you to join us in St Louis, Missouri, USA from 06-10 April for the 10th World Daffodil Convention.  This is an international event that is held every four years to bring together daffodil enthusiasts from around the world. Every sixteen years the American Daffodil Society has the honor of hosting the prestigious World Daffodil Convention.  This convention is an opportunity to make new friends and renew old friendships among the worldwide daffodil community.

The 2016 World Daffodil Convention will be held at the Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel, which offers complimentary shuttle service to and from Lambert International Airport, as well as complimentary free covered and uncovered parking facilities.  The hotel has newly renovated rooms, excellent meeting and exhibit facilities, and a commitment to first-class service. 

  • Engage in educational opportunities, listen to thought-provoking presentations, and have fun with regional and daffodil-themed events.
  • Observe and participate in a fabulous on-site daffodil show including horticulture, artistic design, and photography sections.
  • Visit the world-renowned Missouri Botanical Garden, a National Historic Landmark and the oldest public botanical garden in the United States. Tour the grounds and visit the Garden’s Peter H. Raven Library, one of the largest botanical libraries in the world.
  • Tour the historically significant Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum, St. Louis’ 166 year-old grand cemetery featuring magnificent architectural finery and a Level II accredited arboretum.
  • Visit Haeffner Farm’s extensive daffodil collection of over 2,500 varieties and tour historic downtown Hermann, Missouri for a day and evening of fun in Missouri’s wine country.
  • Visit PHS Daffodils in Flora, Illinois where numerous varieties are grown for small scale commercial production, breeding, and evaluation, and view the family’s award-winning collection of antique farm implements.
  • Visit the historic naturalized plantings of daffodils at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri, a showpiece for native Missouri plants and Ozark ecosystem restoration.

Registration, hotel reservations, and more can be found on our Convention website.

Hope we see you there!

By Lynn Slackman,
2016 World Daffodil Convention Chairperson

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Daffodils!

The following article was submitted by Cindy Haeffner and published by the Hermann Advertiser Courier

Earlier this month, the Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society hosted their annual show at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Exhibitors entered daffodils in the horticulture, design and photography classes.

Winning entries from local exhibitors include Brenda VanBooven with her National Classic winning entry of ‘Broomhill’. The classics comprise daffodils registered with the Royal Horticulture Society  and  the American Daffodil Society between the years of 1940-1969. 

In the youth division, Breckyn Koeller won the best Youth bloom in the horticulture division with ‘Maria”  and the Purple Ribbon Sweepstakes in the Youth Design.  Macy Bader, a seasoned exhibitor, winning the Best Youth Horticulture and Best Youth Design last year, won a red ribbon this year with her design themed “Animal Shot”.

Cindy Haeffner won the Gold Ribbon for the best standard bloom of the show with ‘Elegant Touch’.  This bloom was selected from the ‘Red,White and Blue’ 5 stem collection, also selected as the best 5 stem collection of the show.   This class must be 5 daffodils hybridized in the USA.  For information on everything daffodils and more visit:  Entries for the show is open to the public and welcomed.
The Greater St. Louis Daffodil Society focuses on youth, the future of gardening.  Macy Bader and Breckyn Koeller spray painted recycled plastic containers for young children to make daffodil bouquets while visiting the show at the Missouri Botanical Garden.  This very popular activity is directed by the Youth Chairman, Jason Delaney, member of the Society, and also Missouri Botanical Garden North Gardens Bulb Specialist. The bouquets are very special for the children visiting and free of charge. 

Every 4 years, the World Daffodil Convention is held.   It rotates from USA, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  In 2012 the World Convention was held in Dunedin, New Zealand and next year the 2016 World Daffodil Convention will be held in St. Louis, MO, at the Westport Sheraton Hotel, April 6-10, 2016.

Tours will include a trip to Joy and Cindy Haeffner’s farm to see the collection of daffodils..  While in Hermann, the group will have a  chance to visit shops &  take in the German hospitality at the Heramnnhof Festhalle, along with entertainment by the Loehnig German Band.  For information visit:

By Cindy Haeffner, President, Greater Saint Louis Daffodil Society