Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Presidents Message - Summer 2014

July 8, 2014

Our beloved daffodil is but a faded memory along with the foliage.  One would think that we would be completely done with any thought of daffodils, but contrare.   GSLDS’s schedule is just heatin’ up along with the summer.  Our upcoming events include our summer meeting with David Gunn, Rosarian of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Although daffodils maybe most of our members favorite, we all covet many other plants including roses.  Attend the July 20, 2014 meeting to learn more about roses. 

Haeffner Family Farm

In August, the Haeffner’s will be hosting the 7th GSLDS daffodil bulb cleaning.  Yes, we are a group that not only loves to play in dirt, but clean and play with daffodil bulbs.  Who doesn’t love to slip the skins of bulbs down to the smooth, caramel color?    The cleaning event serves several purposes, the obvious is cleaning and preparing for the upcoming bulb sales of the fall, but also the social aspect, we all enjoy visiting while we work.  The carry in lunch is always a culinary delight, members bringing special dishes enjoyed by all!  Looking forward to the upcoming months to meet and see each other again.

Cindy Haeffner
President, Greater St Louis Daffodil Society

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